Yo! Analog Monday has been selected to compete in the first annual Sprout City Battle Of the Bands! We’ll be competing against 20 other bands for $5,000 in prizes and and a chance to play at a showcase show at the Wow Hall. We will be playing heat #5 along with Thom Simon, Muscle Beach Petting Zoo, and Absurd Bird.

Date: May 21st @7pm
Location: Whirled Pies Downtown, 199 W 8th Ave, Eugene, Oregon 97401

Check us out support the Eugene music scene!


We’re hard at work in the studio1 writing and recording original music for this site, but until that’s ready, you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with a short clip of us in action at the 2nd Nature show at Luckey’s last Saturday. See for yourself why Cerebral thinks we’re “funky as shit”.

Special thanks to Lomo & Asol- those guys are good.


1 A lot of bands say they’re “in the studio” to make themselves seem important. Analog Monday is no exception. But it’s true!

We are excited to announce that Analog Monday will make its world debut tonight supporting 2nd Nature at Luckey’s Club in Eugene. We get to be the live band for a cypher with some of Eugene’s premier hip hop artists. You need to see this!


Special thanks to Cerebral Coretext for hosting this event and inviting us to play. Here’s a sample of the some of the grooves you might hear tonight:

      Hints of Things to Come - Analog Monday